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Chris Fronzak

wanted to see if it was as mediocre and bland as the music. it is.

Asked by Anonymous

Never claimed to be pushing any boundaries dude! We make the kind of music we love and if it’s not your kind of thing that’s cool.

Hope you can find something more interesting to do with your time than getting upset about band logos in the future, no point wasting your life being negative, go listen to the shit you love and look at the logos you love and enjoy yourself dude!

Here is a picture of a dog with a hat and a bow tie to make up for any discomfort I have caused you.

Can you post the symbol of your band in this ask dude?

Asked by Anonymous

More of a logo than a symbol but there you go! May I ask why?

Checked out your band's music, super rad, I love it!

Asked by rosylovespie

Thank you so much! So happy to see people enjoying what we do :)



This is one of my favourite pictures of me so I figured i’d upload it here! This is me playing with my band Roads to Nowhere when we supported Cabin Boy Jumped Ship the other day.


Music Video

Free music! 

The notes on this make me happy! Means the world if any of you could take the time to check out my band! 


How cute is this though.

Source: Sirens & Sailors - Birthday Parties For Puppies // [x]


Sirens & Sailors by Lisandro S. on Flickr.


Sirens and Sailors on Flickr.

Skate and Surf Festival
May 17, 2014
Asbury Park, NJ

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Ricky ‘Horror’ Olson — MIW

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